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Sarah Kelk painting details from ‘All Things Now’ @ Modern Times, Fitzroy


what it means to be a creative person and a contemporary artist

I think everyone (/no one) is a creative person, or at least has the potential to be ‘creative’ / to create. I don’t believe creativity is a measurable quality, someone can create more things than another, though that doesn’t make creativity a more significant trait to that individual than to anyone else. “You are so creative” would be a void statement, no one is more creative than another. Being a creative person is not dependent on what someone’s perceived ‘ability’ of creativity is – everyone is capable of creating, everyone is equal capable of creating – someone who does not have access to materials is no less creative than someone who does, creativity is an underlying trait which features in everyone. It means nothing it be a ‘creative person’, it means nothing more than it does to be a person.

To be a contemporary artist is to be an artist working in a specific time period, existing as an artist at the present moment.


Miranda Skoczek, Fragments
oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm
The Design Files Inaugural Annual Fundraiser [x] [x]

Ad100780Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda (Mrs Gabori), Dibirdibi Country (2010)
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
197.8 × 303.7 cm
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne [x]

Review of Mixed Reality Environments: Metaverse Makeovers

Thea Baumann is the director and CEO of Metaverse Makeovers,  a Melbourne / Shanghai / Hong Kong and Online mobile application and wearable technology company.

Metaverse Makeovers produce Metaverse Nails, a physical form of neon coloured leopard print and patterned stick-on nails which interact with a downloadable ‘Metaverse Nails’ application creating three-dimensional effects on photographs of the nails, to be uploaded on social media.


metaversenails, 2014 instagram.com

Metaverse Makeovers hold events as an on location nail bar which includes aspects of augmented reality through visuals and digital entertainment, and the three dimensional effects applied to the in-salon nail art. One of the first immersive nail-art events by Metaverse Makeovers was iNails – Hologram Holiday held as a part of My Own Private Neon Oasis, Sunnybank Plaza, a Museum of Brisbane curated art initiative in September 2011.
Metaverse Makeover events have also been held as apart of Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011-2014, Shanghai’s Jue: Music + Art festival, and at International Symposium on Electronic Art events in both Sydney and Darwin. The Metaverse Makeover nail events are filmed, broadcast, and are available for streaming online.

Metaverse Makeovers (live), Hologram Holiday – iNails, Brisbane, 2011 (Image by Russell Shakespeare)

Metaverse Makeovers (live), Hologram Holiday – iNails, Brisbane, 2011
(Image by Russell Shakespeare)